Jin Sheji, Inc. (J.S., INC.)


(1)  J.S. is committed to value engineering practices that will minimize the utility scope.

(2)  Throughout the duration of the contract J.S. will design to protect the original scope and meet standards.

(3)  J.S. will follow the design QAQC process, continue to develop a good working relationship with the other design disciplines, and will maintain good communication with the client.

(4)  J.S. is committed to excellence! We are committed to providing a safe work environment that encourages quality and performance that meets or exceeds the schedule.

(5)  J.S. is proficient in Autocad and Microstation and is committed to keeping our drafting skills at peak performance.

(6)  J.S. is familiar with the local agency standards and produces designs that reflect the implementation of these standards in an acceptable and cost effective manner.



J.S. will identify critical relocations within 40 days of NTP and develop a plan to support the owner in relocating their facility within the project schedule. For example, overhead to underground relocations for power and telecom within the construction zone of the new bridges or MSE walls will be a high priority to adjust or relocate. J.S. will work to design a system that protects these existing facilities in place. If an overhead relocation is required J.S. will examine the option of modifying the overhead system with the use of extension arms or temporary poles prior to implementing a costly and timely underground relocation. Large water mains over 20 inches that cross the alignment and require relocations will be scheduled during off peak seasons to allow for the maximum time frames for tie-ins and to minimize the impact on the customers. J.S.’s early notification and preliminary design concepts will assist utilities to address conflicts early and will provide the third parties with a viable option to develop a design and commence construction.



At NOA J.S. will request updated specifications and standards from all utilities and agencies. J.S. will then utilize these standards to make a final determination as to whether the Client will be able to protect a utility in place.  If relocation is required J.S.’s design team will immediately develop a preliminary relocation design concept. The standards collected will include cathodic protection measures, clearances, radii, and material specifications.

When determining conflicts and designing relocations the most stringent standard or code will be applied, unless all parties agree to a variance in the standard or code being applied.

Wet Utilities: J.S. has designed, coordinated the construction of, and as-built several miles of City and County sewer, storm drain, and water lines.

Despite the complexity of working in a congested urban environment, with utilities up to 100 years old, J.S. has a track record of completing utility design and construction work well in advance of the civil, track, and structures design and construction, with no impact to the schedule or budget.

Dry Utilities: Early coordination with Utilities and Agencies, monthly coordination meetings with the utilities, one-on-one meetings with affected utilities, and development of composite relocation plans will lead to the successful delivery of your project.  J.S. has experience with coordinating the design and relocation of several miles of gas, phone, CCTV, COMM, and overhead and underground electrical. J.S. can develop a comprehensive utility plan during the initial engineering phase—verified through self-performed potholing and by the utility companies themselves—which will be critical to the success of dry utility relocations.   After the scope has been clearly identified J.S. will advance a preliminary relocation concept for each utility conflict.  This concept will provide a horizontal & vertical alignment that can be utilized to develop a final design.  By implementing this model J.S. can place the utility design on a fast track and get the utilities into construction, maintain the project budget, and meeting the project milestones.


Professional Civil Engineers with Proven Experience working alongside City of Los Angeles, POLB, LBWD, Metro, OCTA, Caltrans, LA County DPW and other local and Californian Agencies.

  • Proficient in Design for LADWP, LBWD, LABOE, LABOS, LACDPW, and 3rd Party Utilities.
  • Experience with Utility Design in congested urban areas.
  • Staff has completed multiple projects for Metro.
  • Familiar with LA Standards and Specifications for design
  • Provides value engineering to utility design to limit the cost by both the owner and Design Builder
  • Experience with the approval process and pushing constructable drawings into the field
  • Experience working with both the owner and Design Build Team
  • Familiar with the design build process and can produce quality work within tight schedules.


CAD Support Team that is Familiar with Metro Standards and the demands of Design Build Projects.

  • Expert in CAD: MicroStation V5 thru MicroStation V8i SS2, AutoCAD 10 thru AutoCAD 2012, Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (10.1), ProjectWise, FileFixer (Axiom), InRoads V8i Ss2, Access 2000 thru Access 2002” Micro station SE, AutoCAD 2000, REVIT
  • Experience with City of Long Beach, POLB, City of L.A., Caltrans, Metro, & L.A. County.
  • Team has completed multiple projects for Metro including Red Line, Green Line, & Gold Line, Expo Phase 1 & 2.
  • Familiar with Metro & Caltrans CAD Standards.
  • Provides established relationships with Utilities, METRO, and local cities.
  • Experience with design build schedules and demands.