(1)  CAL-DORADO is committed to delivering excellence in their services and submitted product.  CAL-DORADO will provide detailed work plans and Job Reports.

(2)  Throughout the duration of the contract CAL_DORADO will provide a trained crew to perform the Jack & Bore.)

(3)  CAL-DORADO will adhere to the permitting process, continue to develop a good working relationship with the local permitting agencies, and will maintain good communication with the client and community.

(4)  CAL-DORADO is committed to safety! We are committed to providing a safe work environment that also maintains traffic flow and access to the community.


As a Jack & Bore company, we are second to none in providing experience with value to better serve construction in the safest and most cost-effective manner. We have been providing Jack & Bore services since 1989 and self perform all of our work. CAL-DORADO Boring is committed to providing a safe work environment that brings value to the project. Some of our Boring services include the following:

  • SCE, LBWD, & POLB Boring Experience
  • Auger Boring Experience Throughout California
  • Experience with OSHA Permitting
  • Experience with RAIL ROADS
  • Experience with CALTRANS
  • Coordinating with Underground Service Alert
  • Experience with 2” to 96” Casing


CAL-DORADO, Inc. is located on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County, which allows us a central location to service all of Southern California.  We prefer to co-locate with our primes on project offices, but we also have the flexibility to perform scope from out of our office in La Mirada or Anaheim.  Whether we perform the work from our offices or from a project office the client can rest assured that CAL-DORADO’s interaction with the team’s project management will be prompt and thorough as we are local and have developed strong relationships with the local Agencies and Utilities.


CAL-DORADO, Inc. understands the importance of committing to a schedule and delivering a quality product within budget.  CAL-DORADO is committed to responding quickly to changes and is always available on short notice. CAL-DORADO strives to find solutions that work successfully for all parties involved, whether it is the Public, Private, Community, Owner, Agency, or Utility.  As a result, not only will CAL-DORADO protect the client’s scope, but all parties involved will be pleased with our results.