Utility & 3rd Party Coordination

To keep projects on track and on budget, Safe Utility Exposure, Inc offers a variety of construction consulting services.

boardmeetingOur professional staff is familiar with the challenges that design-build projects offer and provide the following services to keep costs down and production high.


  • Comprehensive Utility Coordination
  • Coordination of other Contractors or local utility owners (3rd Party Coordination)
  • Field inspection and QC of 3rd Party Utilities
  • Coordination with Engineering-Design teams, Permitting Agencies, and Maintenance Agencies
  • Progress & scheduling meetings with Contractors and Utilities
  • Review and Process of contractor shop drawings, change orders, and pay requests
  • Traffic Control & Traffic Signal Permits & Design
  • Application of new utility services
  • CALTRANS permitting and coordination
  • Permanent & Temporary Street Lighting Coordination and Permitting

CroppedFieldMeetingOur team’s familiarity with the entire design-build process allows us to support our clients in those areas where things may be otherwise overlooked. We will custom design our services according to what our client requires.